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Ronald Hayter, M.D.

Ronald Hayter, M.D. is board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and has been an orthopedic surgeon for over 35 years.

Known locally as one of the most experienced orthopedic surgeons in the Tampa Bay area, Ronald Hayter, M.D. is part of the expert orthopedic staff at Largo Medical Center and Palms of Pasadena Hospital.

Dr. Hayter's specialty is the Partial Knee Resurfacing (PKR), a minimally invasive procedure for relieving arthritic knee pain and disability. With PKR, the damaged surface of the knee joint is resurfaced with metal and plastic implants.

Orthopedic Specialist

Dr. Hayter specializes in orthopedic surgery, performing procedures such as hip resurfacing, knee resurfacing, knee and shoulder arthroscopy, hand wrist and ankle surgery and carpal tunnel surgery to name a few examples. As an Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Hayter can treat and perform surgery, if necessary, on any and all joints. He treats conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and degenerative joint diseases.

Partial Knee Resurfacing (PKR) has become increasingly popular with patients and surgeons as an alternative to traditional total knee surgery. Although not a new concept, it has rapidly become the procedure of choice for many people with knee arthritis.

Partial Knee Resurfacing

Partial Knee Resurfacing has numerous advantages over Total Knee Resurfacing: Shorter procedure, less painful, frequently done as an out-patient, quicker recovery, lower risk of complications, faster return to activity, etc. Read More arrow_forward

Total Knee Resurfacing

Total Knee Resurfacing (TKR) has become one of the most commonly performed procedures in Orthopedics worldwide. Early implants had a limited longevity, but thankfully, modern materials and techniques have improved greatly today! For most patients, the devices used today should last 30 years. Read More arrow_forward

Hip Resurfacing

Total Hip Resurfacing (THR) is considered the most successful operation in Orthopedic Surgery. The procedure has steadily evolved over the years, with improved longevity and decreased risk. Modern day implant materials are expected to last 30 – 40 years, so for many patients the hip implant will last their lifetime. Read More arrow_forward

Shoulder Resurfacing

Shoulder Joint Resurfacing gives individuals with early to mid-stage arthritis relief from pain. Advances in shoulder joint resurfacing now make it possible for Dr. Hayter to resurface both the ball and socket of the shoulder joint. Read More arrow_forward

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Knee Post-Op
Hip Post-Op

What our patients are saying.


"I would recommend this office to everyone who needs it, my consult was 6-13- 17 has surgery 6- 30 and had final appointment, whole experience was WONDERFUL, surgery was great."

Theresa B. in Largo, FL | Jul 18, 2017

"Absolutely best doctor/surgeon. His confidence in himself along with his education & experience deserves to be recognized. If you’re looking for a surgeon, look no more...he is top notch. Office staff is also great. Informative, understanding & always caring. Highly recommended."

Theresa in Clearwater FL | Jan 31, 2017

"Dr. Hayter is a very skilled knee surgeon who understands the patients need and strives to meet them at all levels. He listens carefully and gives concise answers, always striving to be a caring Physician. He performed partial resurfacing on one knee for my husband and on both knees for me in 2015. I have sent him two patients by referral and will continue to refer him if asked. He has A very good staff who have worked with him for many years at another group practice. His new Location is good."

Evelyn T. in Clearwater, FL | Dec 01, 2016

"I hyperextended my TKR 16 months after surgery & built up fluid on my knee. He checked to make sure there was no damage to the knee replacement & drained the excess fluid painlessly. The staff is also excellent & helpful for all your concerns."

James W. T in Pensacola, Florida | Apr 15, 2016

"Had two surgeries with him. Great doctor."

Chkoz21 in Summerfield | Mar 13, 2016

"I am pleased to be able to recommend Dr. Hayter because of his outstanding surgical skills and warm compassionate bedside manner. I wish that this simple declarative sentence would be sufficient but I feel my story maybe a little unique. First, some background information. I played college football in the 1950s and I guess my body took a bit of a pounding particularly my joints. Dr. Hayter has replaced my left knee, my right shoulder and my left hip twice.

Aha, I hear you say the doctor must have used that defective hip joint we have all heard about ad nauseam on TV by lawyers trying to drum up business. That is not true, not true! I needed my second hip replacement because I tried to drop an upright freezer on myself breaking my femur near or at my artificial hip replacement. Paramedics took me by ambulance to a local hospital where eventually a Dr. holding my x-rays said "you had your hip replaced in Largo and would I mind going to back to Largo to have it fixed." I said, "I would rather have Dr. Hayter fix my leg.

Now for that bedside manner, Dr. Hayter said to me, "Ernie you are almost 80 years old, stop acting like a 20 year old." Well I never listened to my mother, so I doubt I will listen to my doctor. Even if he's right."

Ernest Mielke - Knee, Shoulder and Hip Replacement

"Praise God for the people God places in our life. Thank you Suzy Gardner for introducing Dr. Hayter to us. My hubby Tom had his partial knee resurfacing done on August 11th and he was released 17 days later, encouraged to get back to golfing, etc. What an awesome surgeon Dr. Hayter is and his entire staff is spectacular. We are both so thankful for this wonderful experience. Thank you Dr. Hayter & staff. We are blessed."

T. H. in New Port Richey,

"I was first recommended to make an appointment with this doctor before undergoing a partial knee replacement. Gathered my x-rays and MRI and went to see him. Since my knee was not bone on bone, he was able to help me using new technologies including Stem Cell Therapy and Subcondroplasty. This procedure was performed 7 weeks ago and I have no knee pain!"

G. M. in The Villages, FL

"My husband had a total hip resurfacing and I had a partial knee resurfacing done recently. We both have had a very positive and successful outcome in our experience with Dr. Hayter and his staff. We will continue to be huge advocates of Dr. Hayter and the technique he used for our surgeries which were less invasive and our recovery time has been faster. In our opinion, anyone contemplating a total knee or hip replacement needs to contact him before undergoing these types of surgeries.
Dr. Hayter has changed my life! Instead of sever spinal surgery and powerful pain pills he explained to me at length that I needed an arthritis regimen. Wow, after so many doctors over 15 years, no one ever addressed osteoarthritis. After starting on a NSAI, I can now walk without intense pain and am taking Pilates lessons. Dr. Hayter is truly a miracle worker. Thank you!"

Lorne and Susan in Trinity, FL | Jul 14, 2017

"I have had both hips replaced and have the best results and care from Dr. Hayter I come almost 1000 miles for him. Number one Dr. in the Country."

Bristol, VA | Sep 09, 2016

"I found Dr. Ron Hayter thru an exhaustive search for knee surgery for my 80 year old mom. She was told by 2 doctors that she was to old and frail for any knee surgery replacement surgery and they never mentioned partial knee replacement to us. It was only from my friend in the emergency room that told us about Dr. Hayter. My mom went from a wheelchair to walking around, and her outlook on life brightened immediately for over 10 more years. Three more friends lives improved! Thanks Dr. Hayter!"

Gary P in Tampa, Fl. | Jul 20, 2016

"I was very pleased with my visit with Dr. Hayter. He spent at least 35 minutes with me, reviewing my history, and my x-rays. He treated my left knee with a cortisone injection which gave me considerable relief. He also prescribed Celebrex for my arthritis which is working great and does not effect my I&R. He also said that he would do a right hip replacement if necessary without using an IVC filter. If and when I have my right hip replaced, I will definitely use Dr. Hayter!"

Sincerely, Edward (Ned) Dietz

"Dr Hayter gave me back my active lifestyle. I have NO pain in either knee after bilateral partial knee resurfacing in 2014 and 2015. I ride my bicycle 30 to 60 miles a week, I ride my off road bike at Carlton preserve over roots and through holes dug by the wild hogs. For my 60yo birthday I rode my bike from Key Largo to Key West over 2 days and had a blast. Before surgery I had swelling and pain in both knees, on ibuprophen and had to ice my knees after work every day. I LOVE Dr Hayter."

D. L. in Venice, FL

"I would and have recommended Dr. Hayter to many others I feel he is the best in the country for Orthopedic care I even travel over 800 miles for his care He is very informative if you have questions and always makes you feel like your important to him . I have had both hips replaced by him and the best care i could have and also his team like he said is the best as well his nursing staff and office staff are top notch ..and you never have to wait long at all for him."

B. P. in Bristol Virginia

"Dr. Hayter began a very thorough exam by asking specific questions about my pain and listening very carefully to my concerns. The physical exam was very thorough as was his review of x - rays and MRI . He fully explained the basis of diagnosis. I especially appreciated the amount of time spent with me during this visit."

W. H.

"Dr. Hayter is patient- answers all questions Surgery went extremely well. Little pain/mostly discomfort. I had a partial knee replacement."

Judy D in The Villages, Florida | Feb 21, 2016

"The other surgeons that I went to were all telling me that I need a full knee replacement. Dr. Hayter said, “No you don’t, and I’ll tell you why.” And he showed me with the x-ray in hand exactly why I could get away with a partial and he said the recovery time is much quicker, much better, you’ll enjoy it. So I went forward. Well, I consider myself to be a very lucky guy. Here I am, four weeks past my surgery and I’m ready to enjoy golfing."

Joe DiMeo - Partial Knee Resurfacing

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